Joy and a smile

          Fear, unforgiveness, sickness, loneliness, heartbreak, divorce, low confidence, confusion, frustration, take your pick. I could have written about many things over the past eight years. In fact, I did, in my song books and journals. 
     However, with Let There Be Light I was intentional about my decision to focus solely on Christ. I mean laser focus. Not my circumstances, not self pity and not self-glorification but, restoration, redemption, hope, joy, and light. Nothing can ever stop the original plan that God put into action when He said "Let There Be LIght!" 
     I chose to magnify the One who had carried me through all of the challenges and obstacles I'd faced internally and externally. I remember being so stuck at times that I literally could not move my body. I was hard pressed but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair. And no one could fix it all but Jesus.  He did and He continues to restore my soul.

     These were the songs that brought me joy and a SMILE. Songs like, Count it All Joy, LTBL, God is Good, Mountain Move, and Redeemed. This is my "soul" music and finally I get to release it to the world. 
     If you are stuck, I pray it helps you become unstuck. He sees you. I pray it will encourage and build you up as it has built me up over the past eight years. Just one more day. He gets the credit.              -Dr. Archie 1 Thes 5: 1-11