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Louisville, KY native Adrianne Archie has done it again! Her new single "Redeemed," was released on March 10, 2015, five years after her third contemporary gospel album Heart Soul Mind and Strength (HSMS) in 2009. Songs from that album like "Strong," "Sad," and "Do Adore" continue to have great impact today in the music industry. 

Archie is a powerhouse singer and has a passionate Christ-centered ministry. Prior to the release of HSMS in 2006, Adrianne released a fun, family oriented holiday album titled Warm Winter. Archie is well-known for her classic gospel neo-soul debut album He That Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear (HTHAELHH) which includes songs like "Push Myself" and a funky bass-driven version of "It is Well." HTHAELHH was released in 2004. We'll never forget the energy Adrianne Archie exudes in every performance as she shares story after story of the goodness of God. 

Archie's return and performance of "Redeemed," is no different and is sure to uplift every listener. She plans to tell her story through video, words, and music and will release her fourth solo inspirational gospel album Let There Be Light (LTBL) in 2017.




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